Simply the world's best text editor.

  • UltraEdit does text. With its powerful find and replace, highly configurable syntax highlighting for hundreds of languages, and column/block mode editing, you'll never need another editor.
  • UltraEdit is the only editor that includes free integrated FTP/SFTP client and a file compare app. Web development has never been easer. Sync local and remote files, track changes between modified and source, and more.
  • The world's best can't be bound by platform. Install your UltraEdit license on Windows, Mac, or Linux and on up to 3 different systems. Need more? No problem; contact our support staff and we'll make it happen.
  • UltraEdit features an UltraEdit features an and supports syntax highlighting for hundreds of languages, with more always in the works. And with an integrated SSH/telnet client, scripting, custom tools, macros and Smart Templates, UltraEdit's ready for any coding session.
  • That's right – UltraEdit includes UltraCompare Professional at no extra cost! UC Pro offers 2 and 3 way file compare, folder compare, hex compare, table/Excel compare, merging, local/remote sync and a whole lot more. See more here.
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The #1 most highly recommended editing solution in the world


Sold together or separately

Considered a software masterpiece, the UltraEdit and UltraCompare bundle is the ideal text editing and compare/merge solution!

Together, UE/UC are unparalleled in unified text editing power and performance. Edit your files, easily manage your changes, merge code, synchronize local/remote folders and more... The world's #1 text editing solution!

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You pay:  $99.95
You save:  $30.00
Your license runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux

全球销量第一的文本编辑器 TaskMatch Environments


UltraEdit is a programmer's text/hex editor and Notepad replacement

想要取代记事本或正在寻找一款强大的文本编辑器?UltraEdit 正是您需要的产品。UltraEdit 功能全面,使用方便,是理想的文本、十六进制、HTML、PHP、Java、Javascript、Perl 和程序编辑器。

UltraEdit 拥有将近 2,000,000 个用户,销量居全世界第一,是最强大的一款超值文本编辑器!

请看 UltraEdit 能为您做些什么



UltraCompare is a powerful file and folder comparison utility

UltraCompare Professional 是一款强大的比较/合并程序,可以追踪不同文件、目录、Word 文档、zip 档案之间的差异,并支持同时对两个或三个文件进行文本/二进制比较、合并差异、编辑等等...

UltraCompare 与 UltraEdit/UEStudio 完美整合,是用户人手一份的必备工具。

UltraCompare Professional 对比 UltraCompare Lite

Find and remove duplicates and find text in files with UltraFinder



Find any file, word, text string, pattern, duplicate and everything else you need in seconds...on your hard drive, on your shared and network volumes, on your removable drives, or even on a remote FTP/SFTP server! UltraFinder is a quick and lightweight Windows search program designed to find text in files anywhere. UltraFinder also can search for duplicates on your PC or network drives and help you remove duplicate files!

Learn more about the all-new UltraFinder

开发人员的必备工具,超级用户的革命性突破TaskMatch Environments


UEStudio is an IDE built around the features of UltraEdit

UEStudio 不仅拥有 UltraEdit 的所有功能,还添加了本机支持功能,可以支持 30 多种流行编译器、集成调试器、VCS 版本控制、内置类浏览、语言智能(如 Intellisense)、项目转换器、批生成器等等...

UEStudio 运行速度快、小巧且功能强大,以极其优惠的价格为用户提供高级编程功能!

请看 UEStudio 和 UltraEdit 之间的区别



UltraSentry is a highly advanced secure delete and cleaning tool

UltraSentry 完善了您的文件管理体系,与 UE 和 UES 无缝集成,可以安全并全自动地进行文件管理。

安全地处理编辑后的临时文件以及加密后的源文件。除了安全处理文件/文件夹之外,UltraSentry 提供清理磁盘、清除指定的注册表和高级浏览器安全功能!

请看 UltraSentry 是如何工作的

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The new UltraSuite

The only fully integrated solution of its kind!

Four powerful applications: UltraEdit, UltraCompare, UltraFinder, and UltraSentry!

Save over 33% when you bundle with the UltraSuite!

Power of Portable

Now supporting PortableApps!

UE/UC Mobile

Unleash the power of the total file management solution on your flash drive!